Roman Empire, Severus Alexander and Julia Maesa (c.222), AE28 of Marcianopolis


Roman Empire

Severus Alexander & Julia Maesa

Moesa Inferior


AE28 (5 assaria)

Obv: AVT K M AVP CEVH AΛEZANΔPOC KAI IOVΛIA MAICA.  Laureate bust of Alexander r., bust of Maesa l.

Rev: ΗΓ ƔM TEPEBENTIN[OV MARKIAN]OΠOΛITΩN. Nemesis standing with scales and cornucopia, E in field.

11.57g, 27-28mm dia.

BMC -; cf Moushmov 732.

Good Very Fine and very rare - we have not found another example of these rulers with a similar combination of reverse letters and device.