Roman Empire, Elagabalus (218-222), AE25 of Antioch, Tyche seated r.


Roman Empire

Elagabalus (218-222)


Seleucis & Pieria


AE25 (4 assaria)

Obv: AVT K M AV ANTΩNЄINOC C Є.  Laureate head of Elagabalus r, sl.drapery at neck.

Rev: [ANTIOXЄΩN] M KOΛΩ[NI]. Tyche seated r. on rocks, holding ears of wheat in hand; river-god Orontes swimming on right below; S C and Δ Є in field..

9.65g, 24-25mm dia.

McAlee 813A, BMC -.

About Extremely Fine and very rare.

A very rare variety, and a much finer example of this general type than any of the others illustrated in McAlee.