Roman Empire, Caracalla (198-217), AE24 of Raphanea, Genius on rev.


Roman Empire

Caracalla (198-217)


Seleucis & Pieria



Obv: AVTK ANTΩNINOC.  Radiate head of Caracalla r.

Rev: PЄΦ [A N ЄΩT ΩN]. Genius standing l., holding patera and cornucopia, with bull in front and eagles in field.

7.46g, 23-24mm dia.

BMC 2,  cf SGI 2658.

Very Fine and scarce.  The rev. legend is not easy to decipher on these pieces.  The face of the emperor appears to be bearded, which makes it more likely that it is supposed to represent Caracalla rather than Elagabalus.