London ( 820), Cursitor's Alley, I.S. at the Rose Tavern, Halfpenny, 1667


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17th century token

Holborn (Metropolitan Middlesex)

Cursitor's Alley

I.S. at the Rose Tavern

Halfpenny, 1667

BW 820, Norweb 8037.

Fine to Good Fine, rare.

It seems from John Strype's Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, 1720, that the Rose Tavern stood on the boundary between the City of London and the Rolls Liberty.  He states: "Cursitors Alley leads into Chancery lane, over against Gray's Inn; and this Place took its Name from the Cursitors Office adjoining thereunto. It is a Place well built and inhabited, and stands well for Lodging for those that come up to the Terms. The West end of this Alley, from or near the Rose Tavern, unto Chancery lane, is in the Rolls Liberty."