London (3525), Wood Street, R.M. at the Rose


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17th century token

City of London

Wood Street

R.M. at the Rose

Obv:  AT THE ROSE            =      Rose

Rev:  IN WOOD STREET         M / R R


BW 3525, Norweb -.

Near Fine/Fine but somewhat corroded.  Exceedingly rare.

According to "Old and New London", 1878:

"The "Rose," in Wood Street, was a sponging-house, well known to the rakehells and spendthrifts of Charles II.'s time. "I have been too lately under their (the bailiffs') clutches," says Tom Brown, "to desire any more dealings with them, and I cannot come within a furlong of the 'Rose' sponging-house without five or six yellow-boys in my pocket to cast out those devils there, who would otherwise infallibly take possession of me.""

A sponging-house was a temporary place of confinement for debtors.