London (3098 var.), Thames Street, W.H. at the Bull Head


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17th century token

City of London

Thames Street

W.H. at the Bull Head

Obv:  AT THE BULL HEAD              =       bull's head

Rev:  IN THEMS STRETE               =        H / W [sun] K / hare


BW 3098, Norweb -/7731.

Good Fine and extremely rare.

The obv. die is unrecorded in Norweb and is the first example we have seen.  The second device on the rev. appears to be a hare, as suggested in Norweb, which together with the sun is a strong indication that the issuer's name was Harrison.  The practice of illustrating surnames with appropriate devices was common, and in William Camden's "Remaines concerning Britain" (1605) it is mentioned that Harrison could be depicted by "an Hare by a sheafe of rie in the Sunne".