London (2949), Steelyard Hall, Richard Dernelly, 1661


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17th century token

City of London

Steelyard Hall

Richard Dernelly, 1661

Obv:  RICHARD DERNELLY             =        1661

Rev:  IN STILLYARD HALL                       D / R S


BW 2949, Norweb 7705.

Fine and very rare.  Better than the Norweb specimen, which was donated to the British Museum.

The Steelyard lay between Thames Street (to the north) and the river (to the south), with Dowgate to the west and All Hallows Lane to the east.  Samuel Pepys visited the Rhenish Winehouse at the Steelyard, and Kenneth Rogers, writing in 1937, suggested that Dernelly's token was issued from the Winehouse, but there is no firm evidence of this.  This is the only token issued from the Steelyard.