London ( 294, N.6648), Bishopsgate Without, Arthur Hall at Ye Sine of My Lord Craven, Halfpenny


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Seventeenth century token

City of London

Bishopsgate Without

Arthur Hall at Ye Sine of My Lord Craven


BW 294, N.6648

Mostly very fine, with some weakness caused by a slight crease.  Scarce.

Lord Craven was William Craven, a wealthy soldier who supported Charles I financially and in consequence had his estates confiscated by the Commonwealth at the end of the Civil War.  After the Restoration he was created an earl and occupied several Court offices.  Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia (sister of Charles I and widow of Frederick V, the Elector Palatine) was a guest at his house in Drury Lane in the months between her return to England in 1661 and her death the following year.