London (2867), West Smithfield, John Merifield at Ye Maid's Head [?], Halfpenny, 1669


17th century token

City of London

West Smithfield

John Meriefield at Ye [Maid's Head?]

Halfpenny, 1669

Obv:  IOHN MERIEFIELD AT YE          =        Bust of girl with ribbon in hair

Rev:  WEST SMITH FEILD 1669            =        HIS / HALFE / PENY / IMM


BW 2867, Norweb -.

Fine to Good Fine but with weak areas.  Exceedingly rare.

The only other specimen of this token of which we are aware is one from the Beaufoy Cabinet, now in the Museum of London, on which the device is indistinct.  It seems likely that it is intended to represent a female head, but the contemporary name of the sign is uncertain.