London (2618A), St Katherine's, M.L. at the Flushing Pinck, Halfpenny, 1669


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17th century token

Stepney (Metropolitan Middlesex)

St Katherine's

M.L. at the Flushing Pinck

Halfpenny, 1669

Obv:  AT THE FLVSHING PINCK        =        a pink

Rev:  IN ST KATHERINS 1669            =        HER / HALF / PENY / M L


Dickinson 2618A, Norweb 8398.

Fine/Good Fine.  Ex Carthew, Nott and Norweb collections.

Very rare.  The only examples of this token of which we are aware were in the Norweb collection.  The best of these was donated to the British Museum - this is the second best.

"Flushing" is the English name for Vlissingen, a city on the Dutch coast.  A pink is a flat-bottomed sailing boat.