London (2207B var), Peter Street (Westminster), W.C., Brewer


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17th century token

Westminster (Metropolitan Middlesex)

Peter Street

W.C., Brewer

Obv:  IN PEETERS STREETE IN         =        XXX [merchant's mark]

Rev:  WESTMINSTER BREWER          =        C / W S


Dickinson 2207B, Norweb -.

About Very Fine and exceedingly rare, if not unique.  A token with the same legend and design, but from different dies, was published in the Norweb Sylloge as no. 8851. That piece was donated to the British Museum, having earlier given rise to the entry of no. 2207B in Dickinson (1986).

The present specimen was previously in the Dora Harris collection, having been bought by her from A.H. Baldwin & Sons in 1991.