London (2048), New Palace Yard, W.R., 1649


17th century token

Westminster (Metropolitan Middlesex)

New Palace Yard

W.R. [at the Grocers' Arms], 1649

BW 2048, Norweb 8841.

Good Fine/Nearly Very Fine.

The Norweb Sylloge notes that the obverse is from the same die as BW 2047 (also dated 1649), but the reverse die is in the style of tokens of the 1660s.  It seems that the issuer changed (from W.I. to W.R.), but that for whatever reason he, his wife or the die-sinker saw no reason to change the date on the token.  There are several other examples of frozen dates, so this is not especially unusual.  It is quite possible that one man died and his widow remarried, since the wife's initial on both tokens is "A".