London (1976A), Mouldmakers' Row, I.K. at the Taubut


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17th century token

City of London

Mouldmakers' Row (near Foster Lane)

I.K. at the Taubut [sic]

0.92g, 16.1mm dia.

Dickinson 1976A, Norweb 7370.

Good Fine to Nearly Very Fine.  Exceedingly rare.

The Norweb specimen, which gave rise to the entry in Dickinson, was donated to the British Museum.  Apart from the present example we are unaware of any other.  This is also the only known type of token issued from Mouldmakers' Row (rendered as "Moolemakers Roe" on the token itself).  Mouldmakers' Row disappeared when the old General Post Office was built in 1825-29.

A talbot was a large, light-coloured hunting dog, with long ears and heavy jaws.