London (1624), King Street, Westminster, Thomas Walker at the Mitre


17th century token

Westminster (Metropolitan Middlesex)

King Street, Westminster

Thomas Walker (at the) Mitre

Obv:  THOMAS WALKER                  =        Mitre

Rev:  MITER IN KINGSSTREET           =        W / T M


BW 1624, Norweb 9275.

Very Fine and very rare.  Ex Norweb collection.

The Norweb authors suggest that this token may have been issued from King Street in Wapping, but only on the basis of the death of a Thomas Walker in the same (large) parish of Stepney in 1669.  However, his widow was called Anne, while the present token was clearly issued by a man who was married to someone with the initial M.

The Hearth Tax Returns for Lady Day 1664 show a Thomas Walker with six hearths living at the north end of King Street in Westminster.  There was also a bookseller living next door to the Mitre Tavern in that street from 1676-1680.  Other contemporary references to the Mitre Tavern in that area can also be found, while there seems to be no trace of a Mitre Tavern in Wapping. On that basis it can be said with reasonable confidence that the token was issued from Westminster, not Wapping.