London (1535), Inner Temple Gate, Humfry Tomlinson, Milliner


17th century token

City of London

Inner Temple Gate

Humfry Tomlinson, Milliner

Obv:  HVMFRY TOMLINSON          =        Gate, with person standing

Rev:  AT THE INNER TEMPLE        =        GATE / MILIN / ER


BW 1535, Norweb 7157.

Fine to Good Fine, very rare.  Ex Dora Harris collection.  The only Norweb example was donated to the British Museum.

This is the only type known from the Inner Temple, showing the arch of the Inner Temple Gate.  The gateway is believed to have stood in the same location since the founding of the Temple by the Knights Templar in the 12th century.  It was rebuilt in 1610 and again in 1748, since when it has remained undisturbed.