London (1117), Foster Lane, M.D. at the Dagar and Pye


17th century token

City of London

Foster Lane

M.D. at the Dagar and Pye

BW 1117, Norweb 6992.

About fine, scarce.

The "M.D." was Moses Dannet, who kept the Dagger until his death in 1657.  The reverse shows part of the family crest, which included a greyhound's head.  The "Dagger and Pye" is a play on words; the "pye" was a magpie, shown on the obverse, but also of course a pie for eating.  "Dagger pies" were famous and are referred to on a later token issued by the subsequent keeper of the Dagger, William Wade (BW 1127, also offered for sale on this site).