Gloucestershire (128.A*, Norweb 9288), Mitcheldean, Richard Nash, Halfpenny, 1667


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17th century token



Richard Nash, clothier

Halfpenny, 1667

Obv: RICHARD NASH 1667         =          HIS / HALFE / PENNY

Rev: OF DEANE CLOTHIER         =         Merchant's mark with N / R M

BW -, Norweb 9288 (this piece).

Good fine and exceedingly rare.  Unlisted in Williamson and Dickinson.  Ex Norweb collection.

The token gives the place of issue as just "Deane", but it seems that Mitcheldean has the best claim.  There was another Nash who issued tokens in Mitcheldean (BW 127 and 128) and an Edward Morse who was a clothier and used a merchant's mark on his token (BW 126).  There are several Nashes recorded in the 17th century in the Forest of Dean area.  A Richard Nash married a Mary Nash in Saul, across the river Severn.  Mitcheldean was originally known just as Dean, although the full name was in use from the 13th century onwards.

Other possible Deanes are in Lancashire (now part of Manchester), Hampshire and perhaps Cumberland, but no Nash connection has been found.