We process customer data for the purposes of fulfilling orders and responding to enquiries.  We never disclose customer data to any other organisation.  We retain data for a reasonable time for the purposes of supporting our accounts and records, but we reserve the right to delete details of individual transactions where necessary in order to avoid cluttering our database.

If you have been a customer of Copperbark, or if you sign up to receive marketing materials from us, we may send you information on items for sale from time to time.  We don't do this often.  You can ask us to delete your name from our marketing list if you so choose.

Customers have the right to have access to their data and (if it is inaccurate) to correct it.  They also have the other rights (where applicable) set out in Article 13 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

That's it, really.  Nothing too complex.