Coins have been produced for over 2500 years. Although their primary use has been for the purposes of private and commercial exchange, they have also been employed as a means of emphasising the authority of national and local rulers through the use of names, images and other designs.

Until the middle of the 20th century, a large proportion of coins were struck in precious metals, and in earlier days they were accepted in trade at their intrinsic value just as much as any monetary denomination they may have carried.

People have been collecting coins for hundreds of years. Their reasons for doing so are diverse, and collecting habits have changed over time. Initially collectors tended to focus on the coinage of the Classical period, but over the last century and more there has been greater interest in the coinage of modern nation states from the earliest times to the present.

Some collections have grown to become important published resources for monetary historians and other researchers, but few people have the funds or time required to create these. We believe that collectors should collect what they like, and should not feel constrained to follow any particular series or formula. The important thing is that they should not pay more than a fair price for the pieces they acquire, and should expect a fair price when they come to sell. That is what we aim to achieve.