Russia, 1597, dated Novgorod kopeck of Fedor Ivanovich (1584-1598)



Fedor Ivanovich (1584-1598)

Kopeck of Novgorod, 1597 (в/но.ре)

Obv: horseman with mint mark and date below

Rev: legend in five lines.

K.115.  Mel 3-2.  Grishin 111.

Weight 0.66g.

Very fine and rare with a full date and mint mark visible.

One of the earliest dated coins from Russia.  The last two characters (pe) signify 105, short for year 7105 since the creation of the world (in 5508 BC). 7105-5508 = 1597.

Fedor was the eldest surviving son of Ivan the Terrible, but never produced an heir.  With his death in 1598 the house of Riurik came to an end, and the succeeding period in Russian history is known as the "Time of Troubles".