London (1264), Great Queen Street, Thomas Greene, Halfpenny


17th century token

Holborn and Westminster (Metropolitan Middlesex)

Great Queen Street

Thomas Greene at the [Queen], Halfpenny

Obv: THOMAS GREENE AT YE            =            Bust of Queen (Catherine of Braganza)

Rev: IN GREAT QVEENE STREET         =        G / T ½ A

2.19g, 19.7mm dia.

BW 1264, Norweb -.

Good Fine to Nearly Very Fine, with some weakness.  Extremely rare.  The mint marks are crowns, which is unusual.

Thomas Greene is listed as having eight hearths in the 1666 Hearth Tax return.  Many of his neighbours in Great Queen Street were titled.  This may help to explain why all Great Queen Street tokens are extremely rare - the residents had little need of small change.