Roman Empire, Geta as Caesar (198-209), Denarius, Victory on rev.


Roman Empire

Geta as Caesar (198-209)

Denarius, Rome, c. AD 199

Obv: P SEPT GETA CAES PONT, boy's bust draped and cuirassed r.

Rev: VICT AETERN, Victory flying l., holding in both hands an open wreath over a round shield.


RCV 7205, RSC 206, RIC 23.

Extremely fine and scarce.

Geta was the younger son of Septimius Severus.  He was given the title of Caesar in 198, and Augustus in 209.  On his father's death in 211 he ruled jointly with his elder brother Caracalla,  but after only a year Caracalla murdered him and ordered that all statues of him should be destroyed and all coins in his name melted down.  As a result, Geta's coinage is comparatively rare.